SNAP Challenge


SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, more commonly known as Food Stamps.  It provides temporary assistance to needy families to help ensure that they have enough to eat.  SNAP recipients receive an EBT card, which they can use to purchase food.

Almost 575,000 Hoosiers receive SNAP benefits.  Three quarters of them are families with children, and almost all live below the poverty line.

Click here to find out more about SNAP benefits in Indiana.


The SNAP Challenge gives participants a glimpse into some of the struggles faced by millions of low-income Americans who are trying to put food on their tables. Participants use the average SNAP benefit as their food budget for one week. The Challenge provides an opportunity for participants to experience how difficult it is for families living on SNAP to simultaneously avoid hunger, afford nutritious foods, and stay healthy with limited resources. 

Over the years, hundreds of Members of Congress, governors, state officials, journalists, and other community leaders have taken the Challenge and have learned firsthand what it is like to try to make ends meet on the average SNAP benefit. 

How it works:

  • All of your food and beverages for the week must be purchased using the average SNAP benefit.  In Indiana, that’s $4.30 per person per day – or about $30 per week.
  • No shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club
  • No food you bought before the challenge (except basic spices and condiments)
  • No free food from family, friends, or work

What hard choices will you have to make? 

Will you go hungry?

Will you be able to feed your family healthy, nutritious meals?

Take the Challenge and find out.  Then write about the experience, share it with your supporters, and RAISE MONEY!