Hunger Hike Countdown – Three Days To Go

Take Action Now – Make a Significant Impact

Take action NOW and begin your fundraising efforts for Hunger Hike 2023, making a significant impact in the fight against hunger! Hunger Hike is a family-friendly, community-driven celebration that welcomes individuals and teams dedicated to raising awareness and joining the battle against hunger. (Plus, it’s dog-friendly!) Join the effort to exceed the goal of raising $110,000 to support hunger relief efforts at the local, regional, and global levels. It’s easier than you think to get involved:

  1. Visit
  2. Launch your fundraising journey today by clicking HERE
  3. To make a quick donation, simply text HHIKE to 71777

With just three days remaining until Hunger Hike, there’s still time to assemble a team and start collecting donations. Don’t hesitate – let’s make a difference together!

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