NEW Hunger Hike Brand & Logo Unveiled

In Celebration of the Hunger Hike 30th Anniversary

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Hunger Hike, a new brand & logo has been created and unveiled.

  • HUNGER – To represent “hunger” and solidarity, two elements were included: a bowl and a heart (shape similar to bread)
  • HIKE – The bowl is joined with a shoe print, referencing the “hike” or walk
  • MOVEMENT – The typography is in italics, this gives a feeling of mobility that is reinforced by the letter “k”
  • SOLIDARITY – The delicacy of an act of solidarity combined with the strength of athletics (represented in the typography)
  • TRUST – The color blue symbolizes trust, health, and protection, which is ideal for an event of solidarity

The artist, Florencia Moreira from M-Design (Argentina), shared that, “You can see here the elements that came together to form the new brand & logo. The footprints (walk/hike) were combined with the bowl (hunger & food) and the heart (shape similar to bread) as a symbol of love and solidarity.” The Hunger Hike team is thrilled to unveil this new look in all of its promotions — including this year’s commemorative Hunger Hike T-shirt.

Hunger Hike will take place at Riehle Plaza (Lafayette, IN) in 17 days (Sunday, September 18). All Hunger Hike proceeds benefit the Lafayette Urban Ministry Food ProgramsFood Finders Food Bank, Inc. & St. Thomas Aquinas Haiti Ministry. To learn more about the sponsoring agencies, click HERE. For more information on how you can begin fundraising for Hunger Hike, please go to the official website —

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