How YOU Can Participate & Make a Difference

Needed: Fundraisers, Hikers, Walkers & Teams

Hunger Hike is a community fundraising event for individuals & teams whose mission is to raise awareness & funds for food programs — locally, regionally, & globally. We hope you’ll want to be involved.

  • Donate to Hunger Hike – click HERE
  • Register for Hunger Hike and create or join a Hunger Hike Team – click HERE
  • Donate to a Hunger Hike Team – click HERE
  • Donate to a “Hiker” – click HERE
  • Collection Form (PDF) – click HERE
  • Texas Roadhouse Restaurant Fundraising Night (Oct. 1) info & coupon – click HERE
  • Hunger Hike Flier (8.5″x11″) PDF – HERE

Hunger Hike(Official Kick-off & 3K Walk) event details are as follows:

  • Sunday, September 22
  • Noon – Check-in & DJ music; 1 p.m. – Kick-off event begins; 1:15 p.m. – Zumba, Purdue Pete & Boilermaker Special; 2 p.m. – Hike starts; 3 p.m. – Hot Dog Picnic
  • Riehle Plaza, 2nd Street, Lafayette, IN

Hunger Hike is the perfect event for a team or group — church group, student organization, civic group or your family. Put together a Hunger Hike team and start raising money using our  online fundraising site  — or any other way you choose. We hope you’ll consider joining our Fight against Hunger. 
For information on how to get involved in Hunger Hike 2019 — click HERE.

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