Hunger Hike — 3 Ways YOU Can Still Help


The Hunger Hike 2016 goal has not been met yet. BUT we’re “almost there.”
Thus far approximately
$92,000 has been pledged & donated to Hunger Hike
We’re so close to reaching our 2016 goal to raise more than $101,000.
Each year 15% of donations are made in the two months AFTER Hunger Hike.

3 Ways YOU Can Still Help Hunger Hike

  • hhHunger Hike Fundraising Night at Texas Roadhouse.
    Go out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, Lafayette, next Wednesday, September 28 from 4 – 10 p.m. and present the voucher, and Hunger Hike gets 10% of your food purchases. You must have the voucher — which is below and online HERE

  • Buy a Hunger Hike T-shirt.
    On sale at all Masses this weekend (Sat. 5:30p, Sun. 9a, 11a, 7p & 9p) at
    St. Thomas Aquinas Center (535 W State Street, West Lafayette) & at
    Texas Roadhouse, Lafayette from 4 – 10 p.m. next Wednesday, September 28.

  • GIVE directly to Hunger Hike, click HERE.
    GIVE to a Team or Hiker, click HERE.
    Also — Fundraisers & Teams are encouraged to send another message to your friends & family. For a sample message click HERE. Use the tools in First-Giving to send messages & share your page on Facebook or Twitter.

Working together the 2016 Hunger Hike goal can be achieved — and surpassed.


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