Official 2015 T-Shirts

Both T-Shirts

Hunger Hike T-shirts have been designed and they are being manufactured this week. The Hunger Hike shirt is pictured above to the left; and the HH5K Run T-shirt, to the right.

Hunger Hike participants who raise more than $50 will get a commemorative T-Shirt.* For 2015, the Hunger Hike team has gone with a bright color and a bold design. Hunger Hike Participants will get their shirts at check-in on Sunday, September 20th starting at noon.

Runners registered in the HH5K Run will get their shirts at check-in on Saturday, September 19th starting at 8 a.m.

Register today for both Hunger Hike and the HH5K Run to get both of the 2015 Hunger Hike T-shirts.  Participate in Hunger Hike — work hard raising funds to Fight Hunger — run fast in the Race to Fight Hunger — and wear your shirts with pride!

  • To register in Hunger Hike, click HERE
  • To register in the HH5K Run, click HERE
  • To be a virtual participant, click HERE
  • To be a virtual HH5K runner, click HERE

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*T-shirts are available only while supplies and sizes last. Hunger Hike team does it’s best to have enough T-shirts on hand in a variety of sizes for all of our participants — but we may run out of certain sizes if you check-in late.


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